The awards night was a great success with beaming finalists and beaming parents and radiant teachers. Thank you to everyone for their cooperation and support in being part of this big event.  

Book sales are still available online. 

For the first time this year we had 4 special $100 awards for creativity from Bradfield Senior College - a senior high school in St Leonards specialising in the creative industries. The winners are:

Year 3 Jet Ang Heaton Public School

Year 4 Jacqueline Xie St Ives North Public

Year 5 Jordan Lau Putney Public

Year 6 Samuel Cook SCEGGS Redlands

Congratulations to these fine writers who displayed outstanding creativity sometimes across all categories.

At the awards night, students from Bradfield's retail class completed work placement exercises in ushering, communication and customer service.

Thanks to all our volunteers who, as ever, give so much and without them, the competition wouldn't exist. We are a not for profit organisation and the book sales pay for the administration, publishing and insurance. Thank you all for your continued support.

Meredith and Anna

Competition Directors

(PS: Anna's daughter had a boy at 2am!)

Here's a letter from the students at St Margaret Mary's - now that make the hard work worthwhile!

The students of St Margaret Mary’s would like to say a word of thanks for giving us the opportunity to participate and enjoy the experience of becoming finalists in the Sydney Youth Writing Competition. It has been an honour to meet the hard working directors, Meredith Melville-Jones and Anna Carmody that have made the competition what it is today; we would like to thank the sponsors and benefactors, Ashley Dawson-Damer and Karen Foley, for contributing to this competition and awarding the finalists with such prizes. We would also like to thank you for publishing our work in the annual Drop Wind Keep book.

 Thank you for being so considerate and welcoming on the awards night. We think that every student from all the different schools appreciate all of your work and encouragement towards the entrants.

  The competition, in our opinion, helped everyone to use all their writing skills that they learnt throughout their years to produce the best work they could. We could sense that many of the entries were full of imagery, especially the poems.

  Thank you so much for choosing us as finalists in the competition. There were so many entries this year and we were so happy to be chosen as some of them. We think this competition has helped us to become better writers and has encouraged us to write more stories in our spare time.

  Writing our entries was really fun and enjoyable.  The competition helped us go a step further and improve our writing.  The awards night was really exciting and  helped make our school proud.

  Again, we would like to thank everyone for all their hard work. We hope to see you again in the future.

  By Jonathon Horley, Paula Kahwajy, Vanessa  Cheng and Victoria Georges.


Certificate of Recognition

As our 2014 finalists have now been announced we would like to acknowledge all the wonderful writers who worked so hard on their entries for this year's competition.

You can now download a certificate of recognition. We encourage schools to acknowledge everyone who entered and for those students to be justifiably proud of their achievement.

A certificate of recognition from the Sydney Youth Writing Competition says that you value good writing and made the effort to craft an entry for consideration by our judges. You are 1 of 3,000 writers who took that brave step and so joined our wonderful writing community. And we are proud of you too.


Anna Carmody and Meredith Melville-Jones


Sydney Youth Writing Competition, Inc